Academic-Type Stuff

I used to call this section the "Barnabas Ministry Seminary." However, it's not a real seminary. It's a collection of materials organized according to seminary-like departments. What's in here is studies, articles, book reviews and on-line resources.

Church History
Old Testament Studies
Spiritual Formation

Church History

Keeping The Faith: The Early Church and the Apostolic Pattern (PDF available on-line)
John Engler, Great Commission Illustrated, Long Beach, CA 1997 (currently out of print). A discussion of the rise of the institutional church, with lengthy citations from early church writings and lessons for the modern church.

On-line Resources

Internet Christian Library (ICL)
Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Wheaton College)

U of Virginia- Religious Movements
Hall of Church History
Christian History Institute
Great Commission Illustrated- History

Old Testament Studies

Old Testament Covenants (28k)
A discussion of the various covenants in the Old Testament, with a view towards their significance for Christians.


Psalm 63 (13k)
In memory of Dan Rice


Gospel Proclamations and Responses in the Apostolic Church (670k)
A thorough examination of the topic of the gospel and conversion.

Unfaithfulness and Restoration (37k)
A study on unfaithfulness and restoration  with a view towards understanding the topic and helping Christians stay faithful to God

Born of Water (PDF available on-line)
Rex Geissler, Great Commission Illustrated, Long Beach, CA 1996.
A thorough discussion of baptism from a biblical perspective. Available on-line or from Great Commission Illustrated.

Book Reviews

Across The Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology  (6k)
 Gregory A. Boyd and Paul R. Eddy (Baker Academic, Grand Rapids, MI. 2002). 287 pages

Evangelicalism & the Stone-Campbell Movement (4k)
Edited by William R. Baker, with contributions from a number of contemporary evangelical and restoration movement scholars on fundamental theological issues. 
(InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL. 2002). 256 pages.

Is There a God?
John Oakes, Ph.D. Great Commission Illustrated, Long Beach, CA 1999. A readable and sensible approach to creationist perspectives. Available on-line or from Great Commission Illustrated.

What's So Amazing About Grace? (3k)
Philip Yancey, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI 1997. Hardcover. Eye-opening book on the topic of God's grace.

Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up
David W. Bercot, Scroll Publishing, Tyler, TX 1989. A comparison of evangelicalism and the apostolic faith.

On-Line Resources

Great Commission Illustrated- Archeology
Noah's Ark Search
Stands to Reason

Center for Creation Science
Great Commission Illustrated- Creation

Does God Exist?
Evidence for Christianity
Answers in Genesis