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The Barnabas Ministry was started in 1999 with the idea of helping those involved in a particular church movement. Over time, it has become a resource used by people around the country and the world from many different churches to understand negative church and spiritual experiences. This is the primary goal of the Barnabas Ministry.

The Barnabas Ministry takes its name from a man in the early church named Barnabas, who helped Christians in his day deal with difficult church-related situations. You can read more in The Story of Barnabas.

The Barnabas Ministry website is run by a person who was raised Roman Catholic. He got involved in the churches of Christ back in the days of the "Crossroads Movement" in the 1980's and continued through its evolution into the International Churches of Christ before leaving that movement in 2004. He has been involved in planting churches in Arizona and Colorado, and sadly also in numerous church splits and conflicts. He served in full-time ministry for a time and in numerous lay-leadership areas as a deacon and small-group leader. He later became involved in Christian Churches utilizing a Willow Creek/Saddleback approach to ministry and served as an elder for a time. He brings a wealth of experience to the Barnabas Ministry.

While not taking extreme steps to conceal his identity, he chooses to be anonymous going forward because sometimes bad people do bad things with things intended for good on the Internet.

The site is undergoing a little online facelift right now. This is some old stuff that could be going away soon.

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