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The Barnabas Ministry website was originally started in 1999 with the International Churches of Christ in mind. It was to help those who had been hurt in that movement, and also I had hopes that the website could help that movement change things that had led to many being hurt.
The Story of Barnabas was one of the first articles on the website and elaborates on this initial intent.

In May of 1986, my wife and I helped start the Denver Church Christ. Eighteen years later, in May of 2004, we ended our memberships. At that time my wife and I wrote letters to the membership and leadership of that congregation, explaining our reasons for the decision.

Since leaving, I haven't really concerned myself too much with that movement of churches. I have no interest in being an "ICC watchdog" or the like. Some of the articles below are somewhat dated. They are retained on the website b
ecause of my past membership in the ICC, my past efforts towards its defense and influence, and the wide distribution some of these writings have received. And they may prove to be of great use to anyone researching the ICC or examining the dynamics discussed.

- John

Barnabas Ministry Writings Concerning The International Churches of Christ

My Old Yearbooks and the One-Suitcase Challenge  (March 2007)

On Recent Developments in the ICC  (August 2005)

John Engler's Testimony (Includes details of how he came to leave the ICC)

The Engler's Resign from the Denver Church of Christ (2004)
John Engler DCC Resignation Letter
Patricia Engler DCC Resignation Letter
Denver Church of Christ Elders and Evangelist's Response to Resignation Letters

Articles written prior to departure from the ICC in reverse chronological order (most important articles in bold):

Public Letters/Writings by Others

Honest To God
Honest to God (French Translation)
By Henry Kriete, used by permission.  An open letter to the elders, teachers, and evangelists in our fellowship of churches (The International Churches of Christ).

Castles In the Air
Anonymous document discussing ICC doctrines

A Wanderer's Progress
A personal perspective on the restoration paradigm and the gospel. By Todd Priestley.

Consensus Leadership
By Gordon Ferguson

Letter from the Denver Church of Christ Elders and Evangelists
Released 3-14-2003 following several "town meetings"

Presentation to the Denver Church of Christ 11/22/02
In the wake of the McKean resignation

Denver Church of Christ Invitation/Apology Letter, 1/1/1996